19 April 2021

Shiny TTRPG links collection #13

Another bumper crop of interesting TTRPG links. Previous list found here. Inspired by weaver.skepti.ch End of Week links.

Also this week from weaver.skepti.ch a good look at the Art of War in Dune.

Nice thoughts on improving lock-picking, hacking or other extended skill tests from Prismatic Wasteland

Thoughts on playing out the last day on earth - or other adventures with a definitive end point.

Super simple Referee reference list - encounters and attitudes - print it, stick it up.

Superlight game of being Red Shirts - some great ideas from Traveling Mailsman.

An interesting system for bringing 'party condition' into play on delves.

Random events for occupied settlements from Evlyn Moreau - good for any 'darkness triumphant' setting such as Midnight.

D20 x 5 Bountiful Bows - always time for a good random table, this from Archons March On

Big list of potions - gave me a giggle because its a photo of a written out list - from Dead Tree, No Shelter

A history of the vile Neogi - out of the Spelljammer setting and into the general canon, to the sorrow of those they encounter.

Staying on Spelljammer - some more Shadow of the Spider Moon content from That Boomer Kid.

Thoughts on travel and distance as the PCs will consider them.

To follow that - generators for Acmori - that includes a handy route map generator as would fit nicely to the previous link, lots of potential there.

Don't let the demands of realism get in the way of a good time.

On the art of mapping within D&D - "The Dungeon Mapper: From Half of D&D to a Forgotten Role"

Running political campaigns - from Daily Adventure Prompts.

Some thoughts on breaking out of the mono-culture rut with elves, dwarves and orcs - great advice that maps to how I run my own games.

To follow that - a first-principles work-flow to build cultures from scratch using environment, values, social structures and arts from Grafumbly on Reddit.

Another guide to quick and easy creation of Clerical Orders from I Cast Light!

Some Troika! backgrounds from Furtive Goblin Gaming - use in Troika or for your NPCs elsewhere.

Neat set of Dwarven Weapons from Sparky Bard on IMGUR

Some good thoughts on creating communities within your TTRPGs by Rave Puzzlewell.

Roll20 data for Q1 2021 - now grouping data by systems rather than games.

Some hard-earned lessons on cover art from the Literary Mercenary.

An awesome conversion for using Magic: the Gathering cards to run your TTRPG wizard; the conversion thinking is also cool to let you bring creatures to the table whether you use this system or not.

A great post on running matrix games - seems like a great framework I should have used on some play-by-mails that flared out.

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