12 April 2021

Shiny TTRPG links collection #12

Twelve weeks! Twelve weeks we have been doing this and still there are more interesting TTRPG things on the internet! Previous list found here. Inspired by weaver.skepti.ch End of Week links.

A pair of magnificent planar cosmology variations for your sages to argue over - Hexian cosmologies by Bearded Devil and Planescape variations by Locheil.

Cool magical cloaks from Chaudron Chromatique.

I saw someone ask after 'where are my wierd race combos' - which I had seen on tumblr by 'homebrew from the void' and flag here in case anyone else missed it.

Tao of D&D talks about followers for high-level characters and experiences dealing with 'but we are lone wolves!' reaction to this.

A trio of good reads from Deathtrap Dungeon who is having a productive week:
Mini-reviews from the help Tiago bundle
A variant on the 'other people run the adversaries' - not hands-off like red teams but actual dice-throwing other side of encounters.
A walk through of a low violence campaign - or how system does not define how a game will be played.

Great transparent breakdown of a first year of writing TTRPG content from CZ RPG

Crack open the great ancient hoard of games - MT Black has a guide to converting OD&D to 5e.

The Six play-cultures of D&D - this is a great breakdown of various ways people use D&D to have fun at a table. I have seen further discussions saying there is yet more fine detail to the picture but I like this.

I had not before heard of 'survival modules' - tournament play seeking to be the party whose final surviving character’s corpse hit the ground furthest from the dungeon entrance. Low survival odds, for sure but I had not known the expected chance of survival was explicitly zero.

Deep, deep dive into the state of gaming before D&D cropped up to examine what was the primordial soup from whence the game arose.

Thoughts on better using religion at your tables by Signs of the Locust

All of the cat themed monsters you could ever need.

Thoughts on how a Magocracy might actually work.

Industrialized Necromancy in a Setting With No Alignment - making of "Moüd: City of Bones" by Improved Initiative

Resource list for Classic D&D by Thoughtful Nerd.

Impressive long-list of campaigns played and lessons learned from each by the keeper of the RPG Planet bloglists.

Transcription of the old Shadow of the Spider Moon 3e Spelljammer on tumblr.

Some neat thoughts on running cold weather.

On wilderness as dungeon levels, part of a great series by Wandering Gamist.

From Spiceomancy - d11 things in the wizards tower.

A single-hex adventure location - a smugglers lair - that also serves as a nice illustration of just how much you can pack into a single hex.

Things to do in D&D After You're (Not Quite) Dead Part IV - Going out in Style by Box Full of Boxes with options for going out in a blaze of glory or taking a grim scar to actually just survive.

A seclection of d10 relics and icons along with what they can do and who cares about them.

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