Monday, 3 May 2021

Shiny TTRPG links collection #15

More links for the link throne! Also, a site operating note that I have stepped down frequency of posting to this weekly round-up and two more a week while work has picked up tempo. Better in my eyes to post less but on schedule than to have surges and gaps. Anyway, previous list found here. Inspired by End of Week links.

Tips and tools for having the best impact in the social aspect of running a roleplaying game.

A good discussion on minimum necessary content to spin up a game.

Small Islands of Wonder - thoughts on the impact of magic within society.

Cool underground heritage options based off Five Torches Deep at Githyanki Diaspora.

A magnificent re-categorising of the lawful extra-planar entities, revealling the truth of their ancient heritage. Before the Modrons, these Were.

d8 Exploration downtime results from Puddle of Stars that could also stand as backgrounds for an explorer character or potential apple-cart upsets to destabilise a region.

A nice post on developing a GMs workflow for rumours and legends by Deltas D&D Hotspot.

d40 elements of nightmare art from Goodberry Monthly.

Nice run through of the basics of writing adventures - always good to read these things even if you think you know it - often a nugget or two of gold to be found.

Court of Blades kickstarter - a neat Forged in the Dark for courtly intrigue, power politics, magic, peril and romance. Hoping for some cool campaign length mechanics and great intrigue and political systems...

Cool list of for-hire Artists & Editors at Jeff Stevens Games.

A mighty list of D&D retroclones.

The portal for Esteren is now online - with late pledges to their kickstarter still open, you could still jump in if you like what you see.

The awesome Adventure Lookup site that Matt Colville et al put together - ratings, tags and reviews for lots and lots of adventures.

The Basic Fantasy adventure catalog site - with neat filter tools

Thieves Guilds - tools to use them in your game rooted in examples from history.

Guilds within a fantasy setting by Arcane Sword - your torchbearers, porters and other hirelings.

Worldbuilding with Gygax - on less hand-holding and more spark-lists.

Why you should grab the DCC bundle of holding.

Cool looking LARP armour.

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