Sunday, 16 May 2021

Shiny TTRPG links collection #17

More links of interesting inspiration for your table. Previous list found here. Inspired by End of Week links.

The Battle for The Colossal Wastes of Zhaar Epilogue on Lizardman Diaries - this was a hoot to play, I managed to miss most of the rest of the players and turns out those flashes I saw on the horizon was everyone else murdering each other!

Extending on the philosophy of just use bears - when you need to notch up the horror - use trolls.

The creators day sale inspired a few good roundups of content on - valid even now when the sale has passed.

Great piece on running OSE for the first time that serves as a referee's post-mortem on bringing players to old school play and things to watch for. This type of stuff is gold.

Great discussion of the crunch of various systems that is also a good overview of those systems if you want to get a quick sense of them. Long but worth the time by Knight at the Opera.

Interesting dive into the early years of Dungeon magazine.

A deep delve into the lore of the Hollow World in the time of D&D Basic by Digital Etrigan.

Oerth Journal 35 for real old school goodness in this 44 page zine.

From Swords and Cloaks - a reference sheet on creating outdoor dungeons, very helpful for thinking about how to set up your wilderness.

d100 problem magic items from Elfmaids and Octopi.

Because I cannot believe I have not previous posted the fantastic 'princess' class - great for NPCs.

A selection of nine (9) eligible bachelors - useful for NPCs of all sorts on Listing to Port.

A good perspective on alignments by Semiurge bringing virtues, creatures and the description of that realm on the planes for each.

Big collection of online maps on

Creator of the wonderful 3 foxes photoshoot, peruse the photo stream of photographer Anastasiya Dobrovolskay for fantasy inspiration.

Great twitter thread of mapping tips for drawing your cities.

Review of Delta Green scenario Cancer Cell which also serves as a meditation on GM mastery - some things are hard, some things you can only do well if you are good at it.

Top comments on this Reddit thread about RPG economy design are well worth a read.

Lore delve - to bring the great 'hypothetical time periods' back to attention.

A spark table for forest adventures by Dreaming Dragonslayer.

Lots of interesting ideas under the Planescape tag on Daily Adventure Prompts.

Some good thinking here about getting into the habit of games - building momentum from Monsters and Manuals.

A neat system for making virtues and drivers gameable - here done for orcs but this could be for martial orders or cultural drivers - lots of potential.

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