Sunday, 9 May 2021

Shiny TTRPG links collection #16

A further gathering of shiny things from the far corners of the internet. Previous list found here. Inspired by End of Week links.

Design diary for Them Deeper Bones with a great 'timeframes' graphic with 4 major levels for action/time ranging from ~half a month to 'seconds count'.

Some great ideas on making violent encounters more than just a slug-fest.

d66 orgs and factions from Hamster Hoard.

Trouble with inspiration for an NPC voice? Try an IDEA! The International Dialects of English site.

Great idea on better differentiating monsters using keywords in stat blocks to inform behaviour.

Neat thoughts on social intrigue - Wierd Wonderful Worlds.

An interesting piece on how throwing more resources at problems may not solve them any quicker.

Good discussion on approachability in TTRPGs - how to give people a sense of what they are getting into to make them more likely to take the leap into a new game.

Interesting variant experience system that front-grounds damage taken and received to reward risk taken.

Applied Hope is a jam about solarpunk and/or utopian thinking and practice.

Weapons of the Cambrian Overlords - an oxygenating bacterial swarm from Save vs Worm.

Possible contemporaries with these, though on the other end of the cute/horror continuum - the very leetle mountain.

2019 Questing Beast Awards.

A collection of 5e Homebrew feats from Vallonde Laid Bare

d100 what are those creatures doing?

d100+ derelict urban location generator - ideal for the post-apocalypse, Judge Dredd or other 'tomorrow but sideways' setting.

Good thoughts on spells as ingredients for rituals, artifacts.

On the ecology of gold, dragons - great article on the reality bending effects of great piles of gold.

A class - for Mageblade but good inspiration for other - The Knights of Luilekkerland, also known as Big Rock Candy Mountain.

A complete Goatfolk generator from Goatmans Goblet.

Metaphysics for a D&D world from Dead Tree, No Shelter - I like the approach of 'here are the rules of reality, once you recognise these you can see past them' - and do magic.

Grognardia looks at Gygax's Inner Planes.

A list of fairies, elves and little people from around the world if you need to mix up your fey.

Should you have too many of those troublesome coins, Shadows of Esteren is up for pre-order.

For when politeness fails - the Goblins Laws of War - old-school military fantasy role-playing.

A villainous captain of the guard from Daily Adventure Prompts.

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