Monday, 15 March 2021

Shiny TTRPG links collection #8

This eighth weekly round up of interesting TTRPG things found on the internet is a fairly substantial one, lots of interesting things out in the past week. Previous one found here. Inspired by End of Week links.

GM philosophies - good thoughts here on how they run their game; interesting as a reflection on which dials can be tweaked.

Great example of Free Kriegspiel in action in a modern version of its original context from JM.

Low-level city sandbox in space! Launching a barebones Spelljammer campaign - I like this way of meeting the problem of 'half a year of play before finding out we are playing in a Spelljammer campaign' that was a stumbling block of old.

Great retrospective on campaigns run - I tried to do similar myself, it is a pleasure to read anothers perspective.

Short but sweet on tuning the use of investigative abilities for GUMSHOE.

Downtime Activity: Gathering Intelligence and Spying from Mazirians Garden.

Some thoughts on being an ambassador for the hobby.

What keeps your character travelling - good thoughts on making the campaign on the road make sense.

Swan maidens - monsterizing the Children of Lir of Irish legend.

In a similar vein but for the characters: Slavic Folklore & Fairy Tale Subclasses for Fantasy RPGs.

Excellent thoughts on using Druids as villains.

D10 Bulky Treasures - fun ways to make finding the treasure only the start of the adventure.

A hoard generator for the ancient world - less wealth sloshing around than later eras, also a useful tool for finding long-forgotten treasures in any game.

Commentary on the reviews culture - or lack thereof - in and around the OSR/D&D online.

Myconids - the glorious good fun of fungus-people culture by Arnold K.

Super generator tables for when you need a new town and its events in a hurry.

On making your villains make more sense.

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