29 November 2021

Shiny TTRPG links #44

A collection of interesting TTRPG pickings from across the internet - as recommended by the Grumpy Wizard. More Shiny TTRPG links can be found on the previous list found here. The original inspiration for all of this - weaver.skepti.ch End of Week links. You can find still more links on the weekly blogroll on r/OSR.

Spriggan's Den writes The Forgotten Forgotten Realms on the 'grey box' more 'points of light' version of the setting.

For all your trippy AI generated fantasy illustrations - Wombo.art

The Secret Paths with d12 short-cuts + d12 problems from Elfmaids & Octopi

Lizardman Diaries has The Kontext Spiel Collection - "An omnibus of freeform writings! Five books in one! Weird fantasy to super heroes to skirmish battles! Not into fkr? Just use the many tables!" - and Lulu is 30% off just now.

Ally: Scroungerfriend, The Vulture Spririt and Settlement: Greenbank Caravansary from Daily Adventure Prompts.

Thriftomancer sets themselves a challenge to distill 5e to its most vital juices with Project Ampersand.

More Thin Desert Fauna: Dune Sirens on Red Berries for the Red Planet

There Are Two Bruces Inside of You - A Player's Creed by Glass Bird Games. A great touch-stone for telling the players what you want to see from them - avoiding the 'buttons on my sheet' approach.

The Two Worlds of RPGs by Knight at the Opera - on the social and materialist seperation between GM's and players.

Some great thinking on using prophecies in roleplaying games by Coppers and Boars.

Methods & Madness writes Inverse Ravenloft - a possible Feywild realm

A note on clerics and [review] of Tomb of the Serpent Kings by Alchemist Nocturne.

The Mystical Trash Heap gives us Alternate Appendix P - for magic items for quick-start levelled parties

Swords & Stitchery writes Mobius, Sword & Sorcery, & 'The Willow' 1988 Film Concept artwork As Influence On Old School Campaigns

Helm and Shield for the Unarmoured Old School Fighter by Shuttered Room

From the Sorcerers Skull writes takes on two planes - Chaotic Good Arborea and the Lawful Evil Hells.

The Jelly Kid Family from Goblinpunch - always great to see new stuff here!

Hack & Slash writes On the Edge of the Map about what we come to D&D to do.

Heroism & Horror writes up A Mechanical System for Stress, Fear, and Terror.

Maxwell’s Demon and Schrödinger’s Zombie - physics inspired monsters on Fortress of Dust.

Axian Spice writes Holy Lakes and Rivers for OSR Games.

Grand Guignol writes Tactical theatre (of the mind) - always interesting to see good 'how tos'

Creating a 16th Century Philippines-inspired D&D World – World Principles on Goobersnuts Blog.

VDonnut Valley writes up revised classes for their Glacier Exposure setting - good ice-realm inspirations.

Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque writes on Nova Vaasa 'the accursed fontier'

Philosopher Zeus reviews Castles & Crusades Gods & Legends, and Of Gods & Monsters.

TERATOGENICON - a collection of tables and essays on how to create your own monsters launches from Methods & Madness.

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