22 November 2021

Shiny TTRPG links #43

A collection of interesting TTRPG pickings from across the internet. More Shiny TTRPG links can be found on the previous list found here. The original inspiration for all of this - weaver.skepti.ch End of Week links. You can find still more links on the weekly blogroll on r/OSR.

Ashzealot writes a chunky post on Order and Chaos: a Physics Approach, a "personal interpretation of the original alignment axle" that sparked lots of discussions over the week.

Liches get stitches gives us mechanics for combat of the soul in Staring Contests

Cavegirl writes an interesting piece on 'Fuck Balance' and how mechanically unbalanced can be fun at the table.

Sorcerers Skull writes Everyone Comes to Sigil - on more ways to draw adventure from this multiversal neutral zone.

FOMORIANS (the Fhoi Myore from the Chronicles of Corum) on Shuttered Room.

Weaver.skepti.ch writes Exquisite Corpse - on randomly generating random tables around the table. Intriguing concept.

Human Non-Universals, or: Make Your Own Vancian Culture (tm) on Monsters and Manuals - really interesting flow and tables to cook up a culture.

An Alternative Take on Necromancy from The Orc Rehabilitation Commission, where the dead are cheap labour, first and foremost.

Eighth Eye writes up their houserules for carousing-for-XP in When It's Time to Party, We Will Always Party Hard

The XP Bowl and XP Bubbles - very interesting thoughts on an XP awards and rituals at table on Prismatic Wasteland.

World Building and Woolgathering writes The Rest of All Possible Worlds: The Anti-Grimoirean Thesis - describing the wave of consequence when "how magic works" changes

B'gutym, the Land of Grass and Stones, Vol II -- A Thousand Thousand(er) Islands Part I continues additional ATTI content on Box Full of Boxes.

Grumpy Wizard writes What is This Magic Sword For? - recognising that the sheer effort required for a magical sword implies someone had a point when they made it.

An archive dive but it came up in discussion: The Four Blanks Method of Faction Generation on GFC's Table Scraps

TERMINAL VELOCITY writes more 13-item worldbuilding.

Ialath lists pros and cons of 13 favorite games - a great round-up of cool indie TTRPG supplements

Hopefishers (primordial background/class) from Tabletop Curiosity Cabinet

Throne of Salt writes a piquant review of the SCP RPG

Glass Bird Games writes Nebulous Numismatics - A 5xd10 Coin Generator

To Be Clear, I Don't Make Money at Conventions on The Literary Mercenary.

Demographics Quick Rule-of-Thumb for populating realms on Delta's D&D Hotspot

Crypt Of The Rambling Dead launches their blog with “Not good enough” thoughts on 'cognitive dissonance, creative output and just doing it.'

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