08 November 2021

Shiny TTRPG links #41

More links for the link-god - and if this is not enough Shiny TTRPG links see the previous list found here. The original inspiration for all of this - weaver.skepti.ch End of Week links. You can find more links on the weekly blogroll on r/OSR.

Monsters and Manuals writes on the importance of "The Consolidation Session" in long haul campaigns.

Awesome piece on False Machine about making settings Feel Big.

Tabletop Curiosity Cabinet writes Dancing Woods: a rules agnostic adventure location with D10 Landmarks and D10 Residents.

A Banking Wizard - a fun GLoG class in the service of Dragon Banks by Numbers Aren't Real

Some cool thoughts on fantasy languages in "Languages of Pb" by Sundered Shields and Silver Shillings

Elfmaids & Octopi had some reading time and we benefit from a bunch of mini-reviews!

Welcome to the Deathtrap writes 'My Top 5 OSR and Non-OSR Indie RPG Roundup'

Goobernuts writes a great piece about "Creating a 16th Century Philippines-inspired D&D World – The Karakoa and The Galleon".

Continuation of the "Sourdoughing series": an addendum to part 1, part 2½, and square hexworld (completing the tower and moving for-/on-/outward) by Acorn Afloat

15 Biome Encounter Tables from Whose Measure God Could Not Take.

A list of "Lulu Recommendations" on Dieheart.

Lich Van Winkle's Return to Gaming writes on "Arnesonian" play

DELTA'S D&D HOTSPOT writes up the Early Evolution of Encounter Text - from bullet points to paragraphs.

Guided by Nors takes a look at Warlock!

Library of Attnam has Hexcrawl Without Hexes.

The Mountainside Delves from Ain't No Walls.

Interesting idea on Coppers and Boars about how to deal with a single PC dying mid-game.

Realm of Melpomene talks about "how i enjoy role-playing games" - a 90s era journey that I recognise quite a few parts of, for all it was elsewhere in Europe.

Late Night Zen gives us Hungerling lake where "the big challenge here is not alerting the horde of hungry carnivores that some edible adventurers have entered their dungeon."

Journey Through The Darklands writes up The Shrike - a dread monster to menace parties with.

Dweller of the Forbidden City writes Doing it Wrong - Why I Don't Play D&D, and Probably Never Did.

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