06 December 2021

Shiny TTRPG links #45

Shiny TTRPG links gathered from across the internets - a rich crop this week (because people had Thanksgiving to write?). More can be found on the previous list found here. The original inspiration for all of this - weaver.skepti.ch End of Week links. You can find still more links on the weekly blogroll on r/OSR.

For your coffee and biscuit moment this week - D&D Research Wizards Tabletop RPG 2021-2022 Survey is up with an interesting prize pool for participants - asking some questions about how we might play differently in coming years among other interesting points. They have posted good breakdowns from past years surveys.

Dungeons & Possums writes Some Black Friday 2021 Sales - a good roster of things you may want to pick up across all available channels when next your gold burns a hole in your pocket.

Goblin Punch writes the magnificent The Obliterat and the House Unheard - read the comments for more gems.

Review of Ford's Faeries by Weaver.skepti.ch

The Fantasy Artwork & Inspirational Works of P Craig Russell For Your Old School Campaigns by Swords & Stitchery

Grumpy Wizard on How Do Stories Emerge from Game Play?

Lost Atlas posts their stats on "What kinds of maps are Dungeon Masters searching for?"

The 5 Most Common Jobs in a Medieval City on Medievalists.net

All Ages TTRPGs bundle on Itch.io

Arcane Ugly - a whimdark TTRPG set in place of strange, wild and whimsical magic, curious creatures and fantastic treasures.

Pointcrawl Mates – path more important than ‘direction’ by Vdonnut Valley.

Planarian Calamarium kicks off their blog with A Tale of Three (magical) Doorknobs

Adventures Buffo writes How Into the Odd is like Chainmail and marks out an alternate evolutionary line for D&D

Creating a 16th Century Philippines-inspired D&D World – Settlement Generators by Goobersnuts

Axian Spice has d10 Primeaval Mountains & Hills

The Cosmic Orrery writes LEKADS!

Cultural Influences on Early British RPGs on Uncaring Cosmos

Low Armour Settings from Shuttered Room

The VandenBerghe Model : The OCEAN Model, or The 5 Domains of Play by u/Tryskhell

Methods & Madness writes Hexcrawl x Pointcrawl - when to use them

D&D in the mainstream press: ‘A safe haven’: how Dungeons & Dragons is slaying social anxiety in the Guardian

Guilt List of things found on the bandits the party just muder-hobo'ed on Epic DND Memes from Asteroid Troglodyte on Tumblr.

Swords & Stitchery writes Tombs & Crypts - The Dungeon Alternative or Grave Robbing For Fun & Profit

What Happened In That Town? by Graphite Prime.

Experience! Gold! Thieves! - Kinder Surprise Houserules/Mods from Shuttered Room.

Scooby D&Doo : A Post Mortem by Melo - on how inspiration can be drawn from anywhere.

Theatre of the mind by Alex Schroeder

BASTIONLAND sets out Hacking - in the making games not penetrating cyber systems sense.

Tales of the Grotesque & Dungeonesque played all of Candlekeep Mysteries and wrote an actual play report and a review of every scenario in the book.

Aa great list of medieval fabrics, furs and leather by Rosalie's Medieval Woman.

Spriggans Den has been doing some great investigation of the maps of Faerun - the changes between editions and where the population is.

Upstairs, Downstairs: d20 Power Relations on Against The Wicked City.

Pink Mirrorcoat: A Sliding Scale of Shadowrun from Orbital Crypt

The War of Crabs and Apes by Graveyard Orbit about AI gods.

Atomic Witch Coven writes WHALEFALL: Inventory worldbuilding.

No Rules No Rulings by Luke Gearing

Alignment Post (Non-Alignment Pact) by Alone in the Labyrinth

Review of Root Quickstart & Pellenicky Glade on Bones of Contention

The Cosmic Orrery gives us a generous pocket module The Wizards Capsule.

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