Thursday, 29 October 2020

Big list of TTRPG/D&D surveys

tl:dr; links to where all the numbers come from.

A long planned master post of sources for future reference. First four are the 'general' surveys with many thousands of respondents deriving from tools used to play the game. These are capturing the preferences of players without requiring them to fill out a survey.

The other sources are survey responses, these give more detail of how people are playing the game but are self-selecting. As noted before the preferences of the general population and the survey responding 'enthusiasts' are different.

Name Year Size Type
5.30.8 2017 109000 App
AideDnD 2020 12812 App
DnDBeyond 2020 150000 App
Oganm 2020 5824 App
Trygstad 2019 1130 Thesis
Reddit ML 2019 744 Survey
GitP Forums 2017 1361 Survey
Reddit Subclasses 2019 182 Survey
RPGnet Actual 2017 894 Surey
Elderbrain 2020 2044 Survey
ThinkDM 2020 1150 Survey
Reddit D&D 2014 1734 Survey
Mega DM survey 2017 6421 Survey
Facebook D&D 5e Experiences 2020 1131 Survey
Sly Flourish DMs 2016 6600 Survey
OSR Gateway 2020 2764 Survey

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