22 June 2022

d6 solar cults of the Scaledlands

For tis the Solstice let us talk about the sun. In honour of the Baleful Glare of the Hateful Day-star we have d6 Solar Cults of Sholtipec.

1. Children of the Solar Queen - build ever higher, seek the life giving heat. Great spires, temples, mirror-dish topped ziggurats, all to gather and concentrate the glorious rays

Once national cult of the lizard imperium, now supplanted by a cult of elemental fire. Remnants can be found in the old high-land strongholds left behind in the great retreat.

2. Withering Sun - all exists at the permission of the sun, all decays, withers, collapses beneath the weight of the suns mighty gaze - so hasten that decay, tear down all that offends the suns gaze that the new brighter realm be born

Typically followed by natives of the scaled lands from before the lizardfolk came. Resurgent since great retreat. Some renegade red dragon cultists have started venerating the Withering Sun alongside their draconic patron.

3. Devouring Sun - weakness is anathema, contest for space in the light of the sun through strength of arms. All the suns light falls upon is the rightful domain of her faithful. Bring all to her faith, destroy those who fail to see the light.

Mostly followed by human cultists from the desert world nearer the sun. To the faithful, a unifying force that sustained them against tides of darkness, to others, a scourge.

4. Scouring Sun - ascetics, do more with less, adversity is the crucible for the spirit, be kind for we are all one another can rely on, there is no help coming under the baleful glare of the devouring sun

Rare, mostly found within odd planetary wanderers, refugees from the Devourers and mystics.

5. Nourishing Sun - sunlight brings growth, her moods mark the seasons, through her generosity we have the plants that feed us, the light for our days. Steward her bounty, tend to her garden, pass on her gifts to those that come after you

Most popular of the local variants, followed by much of the peasantry

6. Searing Sun - simplicity is best, exposure yourself to the light of the sun, cleanse your soul beneath its gaze, live in the wilds, reject caverns and roofs.

Part of the pantheon together with Grandfather Crocodile and the spirits of nature followed by the local saurial and lizardfolk population in the once-imperial lands.

Bonus: The Staircase to the Sun - the huge artefact at the heart of the city of the same name, onceo known as the Labyrinth between Worlds. A stolen dwarven solar forge at its heart drew power from the sun to open gates between worlds then over time something in the complex of artefact, site and spells began to open more portals to places where the sun was shining on other worlds - first at night and then more and more until the sun always shone within the Staircase. The different shades of light from the daylight of different worlds mixes to make day and night within sight of the great tower of the Staircase an eternal glorious dawn. As the grip of the Children of the Sun and the lizard imperium has loosened of late, more and more of the other solar cults have been drawn to the city to contest posession of this mighty artefact.

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