Sunday, 1 August 2021

Shiny TTRPG links collection #28

More great links from the link-mines below. Previous list found here. Inspired by End of Week links. You can find more links on the weekly blogroll on r/OSR.

Lizardman Diaries has an awesome new generator - the Automated Past and Present - Atomic Cosmology for Game World Creation. Create past, present, people, beasts, monsters, events, objects and places. Mash these buttons a few times and boom, world.

From the maker of Kill 6 Billion Demons, of which this blog is a big fan, and Lancer comes ICON a mythic fantasy RPG. "A fantasy role playing game heavily inspired by the vast, unknown spaces of classic mythic fantasy, anime, and video games."

Dyson Logos posted on 'the Canting Crew' - if you want to try a North American rooted variant of Planescapes Sigil.

Giving a Dungeon Soul: Dark Souls Dungeon Guide - pretty much a checklist for 'things to have in your next session' from Liches Get Stitches.

An adventure seed generator - has buttons for Spears of the Dawn, Old School Fantasy and Pariah by Alone in the Labyrinth.

Glass Bird Games does a cool depth-crawl "The Cyclopean Organ".

A great set of precursor aliens from Throne of Salt.

Supposed Cosmology - importance of mysteries in settings cosmology by Donnut Valley.

d20 Unexpectedly Intelligent Monsters in the Monster Manual (1977) on Zenopus Archives.

A cool artefact generator: Artefacts of the Others by Alone in the Labyrinth.

A great piece from Roles, Rules & Rolls on how fuzzily spell levels map onto how intuitively powerful they seem.

Axian Spice has a strong recommendation for Shadow of Tower Silveraxe zine.

A review of Frost Ogres for Gallant & Bold on

Leicester's Ramble does a quick dungeon stocking exercise - neat to see worked examples and the process used.

Lapiduary Ossuary wraps up a longer dungeon creation exercise (6 parts) with "Slime Baroness and the Lady of Unterbranch Keep".

The Green Knight movie has its own RPG.

Wildjammer: More Adventures in Space! (~100 pages of 5e Spelljammer.) Comes with FoundryVTT support.

Spore Elves - with generators for appearance, how they sound and special abilities from The Orc Rehabilitation Commission.

2021 one page dungeon contest.

8 Snakes & Their Unusual Venoms on the Manse.

Conversations to Have With Snakes on Goodberry Monthly.

Some nice advice on running Theatre of the Mind combat from Abyssal Brews.

Over a dozen Giantkin subraces for 5e by Gannoh2

Sorcerors Skull has some good thinking about consistency of naming in fantasy.


  1. I love these cross linking posts. Always nice to get a curated list of good posts.

    1. Glad you are enjoying them. Truly we live in an age of plenty for our games.

  2. Looking at ICON, I can't help to be reminded of the forever ongoing project of "Break!!" (, which taps into the same pool(s) of inspiration.

    (Good lord, I remember reading about "Break!!" on Google+, it must've been in development for nearly ten years now!)

    1. Huh - interesting, I had not seen Break! - must check it out...