22 April 2024

Shiny TTRPG links #169

Substantial archive dive this week. For more links, see the previous list found here or you can check the RPG Blog Carnival or on Third Kingdom Games news roundup. Originally inspired by weaver.skepti.ch End of Week links.

Grumpy Wizard gives us Tolkien’s Elves, Dwarves, and Hobbits Don’t Belong in Dungeons & Dragons

Built by Gods Long Forgotten wrote DMing tricks vs. rules changes

Rise Up Comus gives us Interesting Social Situations, or The Discourse Post

James Cook University write Dungeons and Dragons may improve mental health

Known World, Old World gave us Fantasy Religion?

The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms wrote Dungeon Module Design

Aeons & Augauries shared Making Ogres Tougher or "How to implement Old Rules to make tough combatants tougher."

ANXIETY WIZARD shared Mapmaking: Path Cartograms

Cave of the Dice Chucker wrote How to Read the AD&D Rules: Grappling with Non-Lethal Combat Part II

All Dead Generations gave us What is a Dungeon Crawl?

Traverse Fantasy gives us Oracular D20: Survey Results

BASTIONLAND shares Making the Game Happen

I Failed My Save gave us A Rules Comparison of Older D&D Editions

MSJX writes The Evolution of Gaming, or Why My Thoughts on Gaming have Changed Drastically Over Time

Gorgo Mormo shared How Much Gold is That?

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