15 April 2024

Shiny TTRPG links #168

Interesting links tripped over this past week. For even more, see the previous list found here or you can check the RPG Blog Carnival or on Third Kingdom Games news roundup. Originally inspired by weaver.skepti.ch End of Week links.

Tabletop Curiosity Cabinet gives us Resurrection: Having my cake and eating it too

The Voyager’s Workshop shares Dungeons & Dragons & Lego

JEFF'S GAME BOX asks What Did Medieval Fantasy Look Like Before Tolkien?

Gaius Invictus writes Book Club: “Digital Minimalism”

Traverse Fantasy gives us Damage Roll as Attack Bonus

The Disoriented Ranger wrote The Random Narrative Generator (a picaresque fairytale sandbox experience for LSotN)

Lost Pages shares Wizard Spell Selection, Making Up New Spells on the fly, and Major Arcana (possibly part 1)

Pity-Crit gives us The Trash Of Dead Empires

Says Who writes Troubleshooters - London Calling

The Robgoblin gives us It Takes A Village To Stock A Hex

Zzarchov Kowolski shared Dungeon23 Roundup

Luke Gearing gives us When Entering a Polity…

Gno Mann's Land writes On Incentive

From the Sorcerer's Skull shares The Elements of Generic D&D

I Cast Light! gives us THE KNIGHTS OF THE (OD&D) TABLE: Application to Arthurian Myth

Illusory Sensorium asserts Dayagons are the Bestagons

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