09 October 2023

Shiny TTRPG links #141

Another week, another set of links that caught my eye. More links can be found on the previous list found here. The original inspiration for all of this is weaver.skepti.ch End of Week links. You can find more links on weekly blogroll on r/OSR or the RPG Blog Carnival or a roundup of non-blog news on Third Kingdom Games roundup.

Beneath Foreign Planets does a great Archaeology and Anthropology - Blog Carnival Roundup of last months RPG Blog Carnival.

The Other Side blog kicks off this month: ITS OCTOBER!! RPG Blog Carnival and Horror Movie Marathon

Tom Van Winkle's Return to Gaming suggests Name Your Sessions Afterwards

GLoGtober launches and we get some interesting posts in just this first week:
The Nothic's Eye gives us GLOGTOBER '23: Three Disastrous Blood War Battles
Spiceomancy shares d20 Ways to Keep a Corpse
Journeying Jormungandr writes GLOGtober 2023 #2: d66 Eccentric Encounters On An Ancient Road
Impulsive Necromancy gives us GLOGtober '23 - 2: She Who Sings in Reed and Rush
Owlbears and Chickenhawks shares GLoGTober '23 2.4: Rose Simon

All Dead Generations discusses 7 Maxims of the OSR

noise sans signal On Planescape

What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse... asks Who Did Worldbuilding Advice Better, TSR or WOTC?

Bastionland Presser writes Why It's Okay Not to Feel Creative

Elfmaids & Octopi shares Rate Your Cult Factor


Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog writes Trollopulous Adjusted Session 25: The Tutorial Dungeon that Wasn’t

The Mad Queen's Court gives us The Shape of Everything (Campaign Setting, Races)

D&DBeyond explains How to Customize Creatures Exposed to the Outer Planes

Spriggan's Den asks Why play D&D 3rd Edition instead of 5th?

Revenant's Quill writes Just Roll High

Blog of Holding on chatGPT vs. D&D game design

Don't Split the Party gives us Personal Update and Play Report

Aboleth Overlords shares The State of FKR Discourse

Dreaming Dragonslayer gives us “The” Checklist Campaign

World Building and Woolgathering writes Lost By Translation

The Alexandrian shares Campaign Status Module: Supporting Cast

Trilemma Adventures gives us A Downtime Calendar

Kill It With Fire! writes Points of Convienience for RPG play

Archons March On gives us Nephilimpunk

A Knight at the Opera compiles Medusa and the Gorgons

Traveler's Rest shares Baking a Layer Cake of History into your Campaign

Trollish Delver gives us Three-point plot clocks

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