11 September 2023

Shiny TTRPG links #137

Links found before our ISP randomly cancelled our contract so short-ish. Hope to be back up later this week. More links can be found on the previous list found here. The original inspiration for all of this is weaver.skepti.ch End of Week links. You can find more links on weekly blogroll on r/OSR or the RPG Blog Carnival or a roundup of non-blog news on Third Kingdom Games roundup.

Indre Auge Blinks asks What is high-trust trad adventure design?

A Knight at the Opera writes The Least Interesting Type of Crunch

Thomas Kole gives us Tenochtitlan - a 3D reconstruction of the capital of the Aztec Empire

Daily Adventure Prompts gives us The Mechanics Of Baldur’s Gate 3

Hexroll shares a hex-map generator with Roll a Sandbox


Dweller of the Forbidden City gives us Building Bhakashal – Game Design and History

Ponderings on Games ponders The OSR Contradiction

Roleplay Rescue’s Blog asks Why Buy Another Game?

Cavegirl's Game Stuff wrote Running War in RPGs

Barking Alien writes Immersion Deep Dive

Goblin Punch wrotes Dwarven Architecture

Goblin Punch wrotes Chelinausca and Morlocks

Archade's Tower gives us The Way Of The Shield

Goblin Punch wrotes Race, Inheritance, and Casvetania

Gila RPGs Blog shares Seeking One-Way Roads

Farsight Games gives us A we're bored chart

Scribblings or Something shares Golden Shrieker...

Dawnfist Games gives us NPC generator – Unique names, occupations goals, fears & quirks!

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