10 June 2024

Shiny TTRPG links #176

A giant block of links with a significant archive dive this week. For yet more links, see the previous list found here or you can check the RPG Blog Carnival or on Third Kingdom Games news roundup. Originally inspired by weaver.skepti.ch End of Week links.

Mazirian's Garden gives us Group Downtime Activities: Remembering the Dead

Mindstorm gives us A Person-Shaped Hole

I Cast Light! wrote DUNGEON WEATHER: For your overloaded encounter die

Provinto RPG gives us 10-Room Dungeon Brainstorm: Tomb of the Honorable Order of Glory (& Possibly Justice)

The Blue Bard writes Down Come the Claws

Half Again as Much starts with What is an Elemental Plane, Anyway?

Dyson's Dodecahedron wrote How To Host a Dungeon – The Fire Giant Tyrant

The Mighty Atom shared Apocalypse World: Crossing the Line

Archons March On gave us ‘Round Once More In These Here Parts...

The Dododecahedron gives us Tinkering With the Toolbox

ONEZERO shares Better Rules for Maritime Adventures

DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS AT WORK gives us Three Reasons Why You Should Put D&D On Your CV

Sirly Whirly Blog gave us 10 things I wish I knew as a starting game master with ADHD

Welcome to the Deathtrap shared 10 Tools for Making Memorable One-Shot Adventures

Illusory Sensorium gives us Vainglorious Verisimilitude

dailyadventureprompts shares Dungeon: A Bleak Picture

Tall Tavern asks Why is it so hard to be a dungeon master?

Peeking Over The Screen gives us My Collaborative Experience with D&D

All Dead Generations shared Exploration Play

GOLDWAG'S JOURNAL ON CIVILIZATION gives us The Moral Economy of the Shire

i'm going to blog here writes Daggerheart: The Beta: The Twitch Thread: The Blog Adaptation: Part 1

Fail Forward gives us Quantum Currency

Sirly Whirly Blog writes Get a totally new game to your table next week

Infernal Pact gives us MDBC 28: Complete Roslof Keep Campaign

Pathika shares Pathika Devlog 1: The problems Pathika solved for my game

Play Material gives us This Weird Fear of Stealing

cryptickeyway writes us Cyclopean Masonry and Making Civilizations Feel Forgotten and Ancient

Mindstorm gives us Collaborative Worldbuilding: Glimpses

Eldritch Fields shares d50 Delinquent Werewolves from Outer Space

Tales of the Lunar Lands gives us Al-Riyah Hex Map

Idraluna Archives writes a Gonzo Sci-fantasy Village Generator

Draw the Rest of the Owlbear gives us Relics

Methods & Madness considers Unlimited D&D x Limited D&D

d9000 Patricks gives us Knave 2 Retrospective and Review

Prismatic Wasteland shares The TTRPG Cooking Minigame

Crab Dungeon gives us A Place That Was Never Real

400 independent bathrooms writes Create Nemesis

Shadow & Fae gives us Worlds from Seeds: A Trouble, A Treasure, A Face

Nerdtropolis shares Stop Asking, Start Doing

Welcome to the Deathtrap shared The importance of Encumbrance, And How to Make it Easy in Your Game

A Knight at the Opera gave us Gritty Realism: Adventuring in Weeks, Not Days

The World Brewery gives us Non-Combat Encounters on the Road

Tales to Astound! wrote Classic Traveller Rules In Action, But Not In Space

Traverse Fantasy gives us FMC Booklets / End of an Era


Troy Press gave us Frameworks for Large-Scale Battles in Fantasy PbtA

Polygon gives us This Dungeons & Dragons book is the world-building deep dive you’ve been waiting for

Grumpy Wizard wrote Shut The Fuck Up and Roll the Dice: Role-Play Without Irritating Your Friends


  1. Thanks for the DnD at Work add! Really appreciate it!

    1. I hope you crack the management literature market and sell millions...