06 May 2024

Shiny TTRPG links #171

Interesting links from about the web. For more links, see the previous list found here or you can check the RPG Blog Carnival or on Third Kingdom Games news roundup. Originally inspired by weaver.skepti.ch End of Week links.

Methods & Madness shares Simplifying encounter procedures

RPG Wandering gives us RPG Carnival for May: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Ed Power at The Guardian writes Stop trying to turn Dungeons & Dragons into a Marvel-esque cash cow – it won’t work

Onion Souls gives us Magical accretion

Deeper in the Game shares Big Stakes GMing: Gamble Everything

Sheep and Sorcery gives us Dragons: The Great Victims of Worldbuilding

Scribblings or Something shares Scroll Dragon...!

The Colours of Pentagrams gives us Thoughts on (mega)Dungeons & the experience of crawling them

Roll to Doubt writes Live Text Roleplaying

Methods & Madness gives us Building the perfect campaign - CHAPTERS

Full Moon Storytelling shares Goodbye Alignment. Hello short-form personality.

THE LAST REDOUBT gave us Armour Research & Gallery for Thinking Adventures

Blog of Forlorn Encystment asks Can't Someone Else Do This?

THE LAST REDOUBT gave us Outlaw Merchant - Turning Electric Bastionland into Grimdark Hive World

THE LAST REDOUBT shares ISW: Grim Future Wargame Campaigning

World Building and Woolgathering gives us Faufreluches: Where are the Inquisitors?

Traverse Fantasy shares One-Page Leaflets

Coins and Scrolls gives us OSR: Mirrors, Cubes, Rods, Staves, and the Deck of Motley Things

Against The Wicked City wrote Cults, cultists and D&D

Tales of the Lunar Lands gives us Ukiah Hex Map

From the Sorcerer's Skull shares The Undying Kings of the Underworld

Tales of the Lunar Lands gives us The Great Khan

Yore compiled Gaming books on Lulu.com that I enjoy

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