05 February 2024

Shiny TTRPG links #158

A handful of links from a travelling week. More can be found on the previous list found here. You can find more links on this weeks r/OSR blogroll or the RPG Blog Carnival or on Third Kingdom Games news roundup. Originally inspired by weaver.skepti.ch End of Week links.

Illusory Sensorium provides the February RPG Blog Carnival prompt Illusions & Delusions

The Lizard Man Diaries gives us The Tactile and Generic TTRPG - Boardgamey tablefeel using bits and bobs.

TRAIPSE writes Overloading the search die

Goblin Punch gives us Dungeon: Castle of the Gribblies

Illusory Sensorium gives us Doom Clock

Playful Void shares Diagetic advancement and inventory

Methods & Madness gives us Wilderness level tables

TASKERLAND writes Into the OSR: On Diegetic Advancement

alch3mist nocturn3 gives us Planets 2: Time and weather in the Disk

Leicester's Ramble shares D66 Items at the Goblin Market

Pointless Monument gives us The Bell Curving Encounter Table

Floriks Fantastereien writes Running "the greatest RPG adventure of all time"

Troy Brownfield in the Saturday Evening Post gives us 50 Years of Dungeons & Dragons: 10 Big Moments

Traverse Fantasy shares Boooo We Hate Torches

Idraluna Archives gives us The Great Antarctic Hexcrawl Pt. 1 - Planning & Prefectures

Eldritch Fields writes [Dungeon] "The Arnesonium" - a Blackmoorian exercise

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