Sunday, 21 April 2019

Sholtipec of the Scaledlands - who lives there?

The Scaledlands are a melange of all sorts of creatures; more or less living in harmony under the Pax Saurus of the Lizards. To start filling in the cities of the setting, first we want to know who lives there.

From the DMG3.5 (pp139) we take the integrated community ratios and have:
20%Humanoids (incl. humans, goliaths, tabaxi, etc.)
18%Goblinoids (incl. orcs, goblins, bugbears, etc.)
7% Kobolds
5% Half-dragons
3% Planar, other

The dragonkin are the big, "distant cousin to dragons" from Monsters of Faerun (pp44), half-dragons are the close descendants using the template from the Monster Manual (pp146). The big categories of lizardfolk, humanoids and goblinoids cover multiple races but for now this is our starting table.

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